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Here’s why hardwood flooring could work for you

When you choose hardwood flooring, you are selecting a commitment that could last for over 100 years. The lifespan of these floors means you may never have to replace these floors because they last longer than most. The durability is behind this longevity, but you’ll appreciate a customizable visual selection as well. Visit us or read along for additional facts about what these floors could do for you and your household.

Take time to consider your hardwood flooring options

Solid hardwood flooring offers the most extended lifespan and the most durability, and you'll see results last for decades. Engineered floors last a fraction of the time, but they provide better results in areas where humidity, dampness, and temperature changes can take a toll on solid materials. For many homeowners, engineered materials are the best way to choose a natural wood flooring that offers multiple benefits that can't be found in the solid variety.

Engineered wood flooring is created with layers of plywood topped with an authentic layer of wood, while solid materials are all wood through and through. In addition, it's easier and faster to install engineered products because these floors can be floated and are available in prefinished boards that fit together. Still, solid wood has a kind of appeal that many homeowners are loyal to, and both can be refinished for decades of performance, even after the services are complete.
No matter which wood floor choice you make, both products must be acclimated before installation to ensure no warping, cracking, or buckling will take place afterward. This process typically takes one to three days. We can give you specific information about the products you choose, so stop by today to find out more.

Finding your wood floors has never been easier

When you visit Quality Carpets Design Center, you’ll find that we offer impressive materials, outstanding services, and customer care that radiates the dedication we put into each customer's remodel. Share your preferences and requirements, and we'll save you time and money by matching you with a perfect fit every time. We look forward to offering you options that create the most successful hardwood flooring results.

From our showroom in Clovis, CA, we cater to residents from Clovis, CA, Fresno, CA, Sanger, CA, Madera, CA, Kerman, CA, and Central Valley, CA. We look forward to serving you too and invite you to visit us. Whether you need solid or engineered wood flooring, we’ll make sure you have everything necessary for the wood floors of your dreams.