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Reasons to install carpet in your house

Study after study will show that a rug improves indoor air quality and that it can aid health. Pollutants and particles get trapped into fibers where they remain until the rug is cleaned deeply. This is opposed to sweeping or dust-mopping, where they can circulate in the air for people to breathe. That makes it fine for those with asthma or allergies to have rugs, and that’s just one reason to have them in your home.

Updated style

When you walk into our carpet store in Clovis, CA, you will see a pleasantly overwhelming assortment of modern colors, patterns, designs, styles, and textures, all in a range of price points. With modern technology, rugs keep evolving; even the iconic brown, gold, and green colors of the shag are included in a large color palette that includes every solid color, from red to black, to multi-tones. Patterns are more vibrant than ever, thanks to digital patterning, where the image is embedded throughout the fiber, rather than just sitting at the tips. You can even create your unique style with custom area rugs that can either be used alone or layered over carpet or a hard surface. That is reason number two why you’d want it.

Other reasons include

  • Safety. A rug has good traction, i.e., grip. That is especially important if you have kids or pets who run because they can slow down where necessary, rather than bumping into walls and possibly hurting themselves. Good traction also means slip-proof, which is especially important in a toddler’s room or on the stairs. If they do fall, it’s cushioned and not as painful as a fall on some other surfaces.

  • Quiet. Anything with fabric absorbs echoes and hollow sounds, so those vibrations won’t bounce off the walls; that’s why you’ll sometimes see scatter rugs over some hard surface area. It also provides cushioning, especially between floors, so you won’t hear muffled conversations or heels clicking. That’s a real advantage if you have babies or young kids.

  • Comfort. Ever wonder why your back starts to ache so much when walking through a shopping mall--or why you might ask yourself how your feet can hurt even in sneakers. That’s because you’re on something hard, like concrete or cement, and there’s nothing to absorb the shock. Without a rug, your body does all the absorbing.

We treat your home as our own, and we’re committed to establishing a family bond. From our family to yours, we want your overall experience to be positive. If you’re a homeowner in Clovis, CA, Fresno, CA, Sanger, CA, Madera, CA, && Kerman, CA you can experience that, learning more about carpet, as well as our free, no-obligation estimates. The Quality Carpets Design Center showroom is in Clovis, CA.