Choose a well-made carpet constructed with a rugged fiber, and you'll have the floor covering that will last you many years. Your installer will ensure that the best type of underlayment is placed beneath the carpeting. Proper care is also imperative. Dirt can wear down fibers, so weekly vacuuming and periodic steam cleaning are required for maximum durability. Quality Carpets Design Center in Clovis, California, offers many top-quality carpet brands by Mohawk and Stanton.


A nylon carpet bounces back to its original form after you press fibers down while walking. This most popular fiber is ideal for family rooms and other areas with much activity. Triexta was introduced to the marketplace decades after nylon, but it, too, has proven to be a durable fiber. Mohawk's pet-friendly brands are made of triexta. While nylon is treated for stain resistance, triexta is naturally stain resistant. Both fibers resist fading and abrasion.

Carpet pile

Usually, the best carpets have a thick carpet pile. In other words, fibers are looped closely together on a backing. Often, carpeting is described as low-, medium-, or high-pile. Short loop pile carpeting is most durable because dirt remains close to the surface and is easily removed. Fiber loops can be cut to create a variety of cut pile styles. For example, Saxony styles have an even surface, while frieze styles are tightly twisted fibers curl back.

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